Punks The Comic

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Having the opportunity to do more PUNKS at Image Comics was easily the highlight of 2015. The original Winter and Summer specials back in 2007/2008 were wonderful experiences, but I always felt like Josh delivered on both of those one-shots, but I still had some things to figure it out and I never quite got it right.

With the Image Comics run and the collected Nutpuncher paperback, I feel like we both nailed it and stuck the landing. It was exactly what I always hoped Punks would be. Smart, clever, innovative, and at times, jarring. The backwards Manga issue was insane, and breaking every damn rule of the Comics Code in the CBLDF special is something I’ll always be proud of. Not every book will find an audience big enough to sustain an ongoing series. It felt like Punks was a round peg and comics was a square hole. We just couldn’t make the book fit. Still, I have no regrets. I gave that series everything damn thing I had.