Sweets: A New Orleans Crime Story

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A spree killer terrorizes New Orleans days before Hurricane Katrina makes landfall. Detective Curt Delatte just buried his only daughter, and he's in no condition to work. But when the bodies pile up, he masks his grief and joins the hunt through the bowels of the Big Easy. It won't be long until his city — and his evidence — gets washed away!

Story, art, colors, letters, and design by me. 


One of the best reviewed comics
of the last decade.

"A visual triumph…it gave me the same chill I would get when reading old Frank Miller comics"
— Ain't It Cool News

"Amazing…I feel like I am watching a tenacious 70′s film with Steve McQueen…"
— The Comic Vault

"Pure awesome"
— Multiversity

"…Chamberlain pulls a bob-and-weave of story in Sweets #2 that talks like a Tarantino film"
— Crave

"You can’t fake this level of craftsmanship."
— 13 Minutes - My 13 Favorite Things of 2010

"Kody Chamberlain is a new writer to be reckoned with."
— Night Flight Comics

"Tremendously well written"
— ComicsForge

"I couldn’t put it down."
— JoyHog.com

"It is absolutely fantastic."
— Bleeding Cool (video)

"This is fucking AWESOME"
— 4 Color News and Brews

"Simply amazing"

"This kind of care and craftsmanship isn't just art — it's magic."
— Newsarama

"…criminally under appreciated"
— iFanboy's Top 10 New Non-Superhero Series of 2010

"The most authentic tale set in New Orleans that I’ve ever seen"
— CXPulp!

"…incredibly rendered"
— Examiner.com

"…something to be celebrated."
— Warmoth.org

"…One of the better finds at SDCC this year…The new name in crime comics is Kody Chamberlain."
— 13 Minutes

"Stunning, painterly art, hard-boiled Bendis-like dialogue, and a story that just doesn’t quit"
— Den Patrick

"Detailed, lush, and beautiful…Recommending this book is the easiest thing I can do this week."
— Comics Waiting Room

"I became more and more impressed as it continued… I especially liked the use of foreshadowing (so much so that I reread the whole thing right away)"
— Goodreads Review

"Kody Chamberlain’s art is what makes this book stand apart from other crime comic books and even television series."

"This is definitely a book that requires two readings. And that’s a good thing."
— HittComic

"Really, really good…A labor of love by an independent creator."
— FreshInk's Blair Butler (G4TV video review)

"[A] crazy ending that recalls Polanski’s Chinatown and Antonioni’s Blowup"
— ComicBookBin

"Anybody that dismisses it as another crime comic is being very short sighted"
— Comicbuzz



"It’s satisfying to see that an artist truly cares about the setting without going out of his way to point out details to the readers."
— Tulane Hullabaloo

"(Sweets) stands out as one of the most promising first issues I have read in a long time."
— Pop Matters

"…practically drips with atmosphere"
— Guerrilla Geek

"It's all coming together so nicely"
— MOMBcast (audio review at minute 34:50)

"It’s really fantastic."
— Geektress

"I can’t wait to have this trade paperback on my bookshelf."
— Comics Bulletin

"Chamberlain’s vivid, sizzling artwork matches the script’s intensity"
— The Paradox Comics Group

"…remains one of the better books of the week."
— And one more from Multiversity

"It's freakin' brilliant."
— The2DogKnight (video review)

"A brilliant, brilliant piece of work."
— Comic Noobs (video review)

"What keeps this comic from being just another run of the mill cop comic is the way Chamberlain has played with the reader."
— Things I Like

"…as rich an experience as eating a really great praline."
— Kate of Mind

"you GOTTA be reading this."
— iFanboy

"Sweets is the kind of book that’s going to have a magnificent life as a graphic novel"
— 13 Minutes

"When the five issues of this title are re-issued as a graphic novel, it will doubtless be one of the best of the season."
— Rants & Raves

"You will not be disappointed."
— Geeks of Doom

"I really love this superhero-free cop tale."
— Fresh Ink Online

"…reads like some of the best episodes of Homicide Life on the Street."
— Comics Nexus

"pick of the litter…better reading than most of the rest of the stuff on the stands"
— Comics Waiting Room

"…the kind of well-crafted storytelling that gets right under the skin"
— Paradox Comics Group

"…I think people will be surprised at how good it is."

"Sweets is a beautiful looking book with a good story to tell…not your traditional whodunit."
— Geektress

"Pretty close to a perfect crime story"
— Image Addiction (audio review)

"…one of the best crime comics ever"

"…the very fact that I am wanting to give it another read means that it has accomplished something that very few comics ever have"
— Fanboy Confidential


"…Chamberlain has the power to surprise me with the creative crime shit he comes up with."
— 13 Minutes

"…enough character and witty banter to make any cop show fan giddy."
— Comics Bulletin

"…his writing is on par (if not better) than his art"
— Multiversity Comics

"Any fan of police procedurals and criminal drama will find that "Sweets" hits the spot."
— NJ.com

"…visually stunning"
— 11 O'Clock Comics Podcast (audio review)

"A brilliant start to the five-part series"
— Newsarama

"Chamberlain does it masterfully."
— Comic Related and True Believer Reviews

"Pick this title up, you won’t regret it."
— Ranting & Raving

"…graphically intense."
— Tripwire

"…a safe bet that Sweets will be one of the better of the bunch."
— The Forbidden Planet International

"…a really wonderful correlation between story and art that allows both to play to their strengths."
— Cosmic Comix

"…incredibly refreshing"
— Com!xtreme

"… this is clearly a labour of love"

"…the type of water-into-wine miracle that could help save our crossover written-by-committee superhero-sinning industry."
— 13 Minutes

"Pick of the week…aswesome end to one of the best crime comics ever!"
— Night-Flight Comics

"Rating: 10/10 - After one read, you’ll want to take the time to give it another turn like watching Die Hard for the hundredth time."
— Dynamic Forces (Warning: review contains major spoilers!)

"Such an incredible story…if just you did nothing but read the dialogue, you'd still be swept away."
— Amber's Review

"I enjoy the rare one man comic book trifecta that actually works out. 4/5 stars!"
— The Daily BLAM!

"The storytelling is flawless…one of the most original books on the market."
— Multiversity

"This is exactly the sort of thing the comics world needs…"
— Forbidden Planet

"Sweets came out of nowhere and seemed to eclipse all of its kin."
— 13 Minutes

"One of the most enjoyable mini-series from Image Comics."
— iFanboy

"It is definitely one of those comics that needs a couple of reads to get the full intensity"
— Comic News

"…it’s really, really good, and you should just take my word for it."
— Star Clipper