Your thing

2015 was the year of too many people telling me about a thing they want to do someday. A comic, screenplay, childrens book, novel, I’ve heard it all.



Let’s be honest. Someday is probably NEVER. Give that thing a deadline or it’ll never get done. THIS is the year you do it. 2016.

Your deadline is Jan 1, 2017.

I’ll answer questions and give advice when I can, but the only way to finish something is to start it.

What’s your thing?


Here’s the first lesson: Whatever you’re doing is probably going to SUCK, and it’s going to suck badly. It’s all right because no one is going to see it, just you, so keep going. Every instinct in your body will tell you to stop because it’s never going to work. Believe me when I say your instincts are WRONG.

It feels like that because we’ve got to make WAX before we can make art, and we’d rather make art. We want something beautiful and powerful and moving, but instead we see a lump of wax. It’s lumpy, brown, ugly, and sticky. If you get too close, it kinda stinks. Still, without that wax, we’ll never be able to sculpt. It’s one of the biggest mistakes aspiring creators make, they start sculpting before they’ve got any wax. They spend their time trying to polish a turd. Instead, go make some wax. Fill your notebooks and sketchbooks with ideas, insights, observations, insecurities, fears, and memories. Eventually, you’ll have enough wax to start that sculpture. You’ll refine it, move things around, and eventually you’ll fire that wax sculpture into BRONZE. It’s important to remember that the bronze is for the audience, the wax is for you.

Go make some wax.